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VoPay International Inc.

HR Administrator

Job Description 

About VoPay International Inc.

VoPay is a leader in payment innovation, digitizing direct bank payments with speed and transparency. The VoPay Platform enhances how businesses initiate and accept financial transactions using a single, open API. At VoPay, we have one goal: to eliminate all payment inefficiencies, so businesses can focus on what they do best in today’s digital economy.

The Opportunity

VoPay is looking for an HR Administrator with a proven track record and experience in building processes, managing KPIs, recruitment, and building a people and culture program. Our business is growing, and we operate in a very agile environment. The ideal candidate is a professional who can manage themselves, works well with various personalities, resolves conflicts, utilizes delegation, and performs well in a high-stress environment.

Duties and Responsibilities

– Organizational Structure:
– Contribute to the development and refinement of the optimal organizational structure.
– Leadership Responsibilities:
– Provide supervision and direction to the Front Office Assistant.
– Delegate tasks to the Front Office Assistant.
– Effective Communication:
– Facilitate the flow of information from leadership to employees.
– Act as an additional communication link between the CEO and departmental leaders, fostering alignment.
– Compliance Oversight:
– Ensure organizational compliance with employment laws.
– Keep up to date with employment regulations and practices.
– Policy Enforcement:
– Develop, update, and propose HR policies and procedures.
– Monitor adherence to all company policies and take corrective actions as needed.
– Talent acquisition:
– Maintain and update recruitment SOPs.
– Generate progress reports.
– Formulate job descriptions.
– Shortlist applicants.
– Conduct interviews.
– Negotiate terms and hire suitable candidates.
– Talent integration:
– Enhance new employee orientation, onboarding, and training programs.
– Touch base with new hires on an ongoing basis to ensure successful integration, full understanding of and commitment to policies, detection of any difficulties, etc.
– Performance Enhancement:
– Conduct job evaluations and take action to improve employees’ experience and performance.
– Utilize tracking tools to monitor performance and generate reports.
– Analyze training needs with department managers.
– Design and implement effective training and development strategies.
– Establish and oversee systems to drive long-term skill and career development.
– Employee Relations:
– Serve as a liaison between management and employees.
– Address concerns, grievances, and inquiries while prioritizing consistent communication to keep stakeholders informed about the progress.
– Coordinate team-building initiatives.
– Develop and oversee the staff wellness budget.
– Benefits Management:
– Maintain and update the employee benefits program.
– Provide guidance to employees on benefits enrollment and comprehension.
– Offboarding:
– Conduct exit interviews to obtain feedback on employee’s experience and to ensure compliance with post- employment contract terms.
– When appropriate, suggest changes based on the feedback.
– Coordinate offboarding procedures across relevant departments.
– Information and Access Control:
– Maintain and organize employee records and files.
– Maintain master lists of company assets, including hardware and software.
– Grant and revoke office access to visitors and employees.
– Proactive Initiative:
– Initiate and take ownership of relevant ad hoc projects.

Skills and Qualifications

– 5+ years of experience working in a high level HR position with sound knowledge of general principles and practices.
– Must have exceptional time-management and organizational skills.
– Experience developing frameworks and processes.
– Proficiency in HR information systems and databases.
– Tech-savvy with the ability to get to grips with new programs and software quickly.
– Strong communicator with the ability to build strong relationships and establish interpersonal connections across all levels of the company.
– Proven experience in managing redundancies, disciplinaries, grievances and performance-related issues effectively.
– Proactive attitude in forecasting plausible issues and implementing protective measures.
– Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or equivalent.
– Knowledge of payroll is a plus.

Job Type: Full-time

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